Elastos is a company which is building a new kind of internet
using its technology, in which people will really own their digital
assets and will generate real wealth from these assets. While
there are many ebooks, digital games and such products today,
people do not really own them. They only own the right to use
these products.
The biggest objective of Elastos is to create an internet in which
the users will not need third-parties anymore to watch movies or
play games. The company wants to be a decentralized platform
for decentralized applications (dapps), which will on a P2P
If the internet of today is all about accessing data, Elastos want
to help create an internet which will all about P2P exchanges of
apps. When you click on a site’s URL, you will get code instead
of data and the code will be run directly on your own computer
at home. This will be the basis of the Elastos Web.
Elastos is an open-source project sponsored by powerful
companies like TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance, Foxconn Group
and Tsinghua Science Park.

Solution Elastos is providing

Current blockchain technology allows for the recording of
property rights. But while users can prove that digital books
belongs to them, they can’t necessarily prevent people from
stealing or reading these books without permission. In such an
environment, it is very difficult to monetize digital assets. Elastos
aims to solve this problem by creating an environment in which
the execution of a digital asset (i.e., the viewing, buying or selling
of a digital movie) all take place on the Elastos Smart Web, and
therefore abide by the rules of smart contracts. The creator of
digital content can use a tool, provided by Elastos, to determine
the number of digital assets to produce. Authors, for example,
can decide that they only want to have 5000 copies of their
books in circulation on the Smart Web. Setting a finite amount of
digital content produces scarcity and enables the realization of
Moreover, Elastos facilitates the new generation of universal
apps running anywhere, such as in AR/VR headsets, IoT
gateways, game consoles, phones, PCs, TVs, and cloud servers
(see Windows 10 UWP). Programmers can use any of three
kinds of languages to develop applications: C/C++, Java and

How Does Elastos Work?

If we were to simplify how Elastos work for people who do not
understand its technology very well, we could say that basically,
Elastos is an internet browser which is planning to use blockchain
to create an alternative web which will function using code instead
of data.

Why is that so different?

Because you generally receive only data from the sites and they
use their own programs to generate that data. When you watch
Netflix, you do not receive the raw code of the movies to be
played on your computer, what you receive instead is the
information and you need to use that site to watch them.
While the information will work in a decentralized way, Elastos will
use its own ELA tokens as a cryptocurrency to pay for the services
of accessing this files all over the over. You will be able to use your
ELA tokens to pay to access movies and games.
In a nutshell
Bitcoin = Trustworthy Ledger
Ethereum = Trustworthy Ledger + Smart Contracts
Elastos = Trustworthy Ledger + Smart Contracts + Monetizable Dapps
and Digital Assets

What is the business model for Elastos?

– Provide large blockchain applications with secure running
– Digital content remains intact after multiple uses
– Big data and digital content can identify ownership on blockchain
and correspond to tokens
– Tokens can be transferred and traded legally on blockchain,
realizing future capital
– Usage of tokens can consume/use digital content in Elastos


Total supply 33 Million ELA
ATH 92.80 (0.00900 BTC)
Current 81.01 (0.00752 BTC)
ICO Launch price 18.09
Returns since ICO
USD = 4.5x
BTC = 6x
Available for Token Sale: 6%


Rong Chen ceo/ co founder :
-Senior software engineer at Microsoft for 8 years
Da hong Fei :
Ceo and founder of NEO is an independent director on
the team
Xu Jizhe – C0 founder
-Previously technology director at okbuy and senior
technology manager Sina Corp
– sina corp has over 63000 employees in China and a
revenue of 1.58 billion usd in 2017
– sina Corp is public company on Nasdaq as well
Fay Li :
NEO USA ambassador at NEO blockchain
Prof hang Feng – CEO CO-FOUNDER
Academic and PhD
Blockchain expert
Team seems pretty all star
Better than average with ceo and co founder previously
worked in Microsoft and sina Corp

BEL 3.0 Verdict

We recommend you to hold only 1-3% of ELA in your entire
portfolio simply because the project has a very scope and
they are very ambitious. We obviously do not want our
investors to miss out on this in case they achieve their goals.
This is potentially a good return coin with medium risk
Only available on HUOBI exchange


This document is compiled from different sources for information purposes only. We wanted it to be concise, providing you
all necessary information, making it easier for you to take your decision. Nothing here is a financial Advise.

Posted on March 13, 2018 in Coin review

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