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The Blockchain Terminal (“BCT”) delivers a powerful set of tools and services to the wealth management industry, making use of blockchain technology to deliver cutting edge applications that have been created by a diverse community of developers, while also enabling real-time compliance enforcement and ad hoc audits. The BCT platform provides a robust layer of security and functionality to familiar tools, and capabilities that advance the current strategies of traditional investment managers, and also supports the complexities of cryptocurrency markets. Emerging cryptocurrency focused investment funds enjoy sophisticated platform tools for both front and back office operations along with the added value and assurance of a compliance framework that provides security for investors across this rapidly emerging asset class.

The central distinguishing feature of BCT is a hybrid ledger that integrates both a private and a public, permissioned blockchain to enable its core services. This hybrid ledger is anchored to the broader Ethereum blockchain, which can be freely used and addressed by BCT applications, a set of modular productivity tools and services that are supported by the Blockchain Terminal Foundation. Developers on this platform have easy access to production-tested infrastructure, with embedded compliance and broader distribution enabled by BCT’s comprehensive business strategy. The BCT is a high-availability network device that securely journals compliance entries for a hedge fund’s Chief Compliance Officer, and is also a desktop terminal for use by hedge fund traders, analysts, portfolio managers, and operations staff. All installed hardware devices on a firm’s network are configured to a private ledger that improves the overall integrity of critical data through consensus. This journaled data interacts with the global BCT permissioned ledger to provide an external anchor for internal activity that can be observed and verified by external constituents, including auditors and regulators without compromising confidentiality.

Why Us? ComplianceGuard is the base Blockchain Terminal app. It provides a deep compliance framework that satisfies the strictest hedge fund requirements. This framework is the reason our partner chose to work with us.

Not Just Us Blockchain Terminal will include an app store to facilitate all aspects of trading cryptocurrency. It will consist of world-class apps such as ComplianceGuard, a crypto EMS/OMS, crypto custody and hundreds of other apps through our Developer Program.

Actual Clients Our live beta is installed at 20 hedge funds. The beta has high traction and therefore Blockchain Terminal will launch in 2018.

The Gas that Drives Blockchain Terminal The entire Blockchain Terminal ecosystem runs on our utility token and payment for the terminal is made exclusively with BCT token.


Phased Implementation Plan Phase I – Design and initial deployment (Phase I is complete) • Deployment of terminals loaded with a lightweight on-line version of applications for research and data analytics; will only be accessible using BCT tokens. • Development of basic integrations with ComplianceGuard and third party implementations. • Candidate architecture and reference application released in the form of the ComplianceGuard application. • Documentation and resources released for community review.

 Phase II – Engagement (Phase II is in process: post-ICO, 0-12 Months) • Full store integration of platform applications. • Road show introducing BCT at developer events. • Developer support site introduction: public repositories, API documentation, examples, and public communication channels. • FinTech incubation and promotion of application developers for Blockchain Terminal platform. • Allocation of subsidies from the Foundation to incentivize development. • Community involvement and open review of platform considerations for the development of a terminal-based solutions. • Enrollment of key constituents into working groups tracked by a centralized project management office (PMO). • All stakeholders have the opportunity to join a working group. 36 Draft v1.4

Phase III – Promotion (Phase III is ongoing: 12 months and beyond) • Expansion of subscription and accounting features. • Continuous improvement of the platform. • Expansion of the BCT community


Bob Bonomo heads the Blockchain Terminal team. He is the former CIO of two of the largest asset management firms in the US: OppenheimerFunds ($250B in assets) & AllianceBernstein ($500B in assets).

LAUREN SELIG founder is managing director virtual reality fund at IMAX.

Andrey Pankov CTO is the previous head of development Shiptify.


Corporate officer leading finance function, with a focus on capital formation and financial engineering. Also act as a driver of company strategy and business development. NWIW is a US-China low carbon methanol group developing the $2+ billion Kalama project, as part of a portfolio of planned manufacturing lines selling methanol to customers in Asian markets.

The overall Blockchain Terminal management team consists of groundbreakers, PhDs and quants that provide strategic direction in compliance, government policy and hedge fund law.


Craig seller :

Founder and advisor

Founder ,chief technologist and board member OMNI foundation

Richard titus:

Managing partner ARK advisors

Ron Quaranta:

Chairman Wall street Blockchain Alliance

James Duplessie:

Napier Park is the spin-off of Citigroup’s alternative asset arm, Citi Capital Advisors

Strong experienced team, however, I believe adding internal marketing specialists would be beneficial from the business perspective.


1:         2015                Creation.
CG BlockChain proposes the initial off-chain concept for ComplianceGuard to help combat the Financial industry’s fraud and transparency issues.

2:         2016                Research

CG BlockChain Analyzes financial markets and identifies Hedge Fund’s issues with visibility and fraud.

3:         2017 January  Development

ComplianceGuard technology develops using the Ethereum blockchain to leverage the permanence of public ledger.

4:         2017 Q1-Q3    Deployment

ComplianceGuard Technology distributes to more than 15 hedge fund clients.

5:         2017 July         Whitepaper

CG BlockChain introduces the idea of the BlockChain terminal and system to be powered by the BCT Token.

6:         2017 May        Evolution

With a proven business model for traditional financial instructions, CG BlockChain realizes the potential for transparent audit trails in the Cryptocurrecy Market.

7:         2018 July         Debut

The BlockChain Terminal reveals at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

8:         2018 Feb         Connection

Fastest and CG BlockChain create strategic relationship to provide order and execution management.

9:         2018 March    ICO

Public Presale begins March 1st and continues until March 15. Public Crowdsale launches March 16, concluding March 31.

10:       2018 April       Delivery

200 BlockChain Terminals to be shipped to Hedge funds and other institutions.

11:       2018 Q4          Apps

Third Party applications will be integrated within the BCT ecosystem, increasing the possibilities of the platform.

12:       2018 Q3          Inclusion

BCT plans to launch a retail version of the BlockChain Terminal for widespread adoption.


Token:             BCT

Platform:         Ethereum

Type:               ERC20

Price in ICO1 BCT:      0.10 USDtotal token supply: 900 million

Public Token Sale:       March 16th, 2018

Tokens for  sale:          770,000,000

Accepting:                   ETH

Distributed in ICO:      85%



A very experienced team, where each part of important business is represented.

The CEO Bob Bonomo is on a video on the homepage talking about a half of hour about the vision and the product Blockchain Terminal. He represents this project with a great attitude and it is believable what he says. Other team members and advisors have a great knowledge and experience as well, so that’s why I rate it with a 5.

VISION: +++++

The BCT platform and Blockchain Terminal will reduce compliance burdens while improving technology standards and choices for new and incumbent hedge funds.

BCT technology provides a secure record of hedge fund execution and operational activities and a transparent audit trail. Real time verification trough blockchain for compliance issues is possible and a hybrid open and private distributed ledger will be used to record the transactions.

BCT provides professional tools and information sources help connect the traditional hedge fund industry with the rapidly expanding investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

PRODUCT: +++++

Blockchain Terminal: The BCT interface enables institutional-grade operations, decision support, and gateways to execution. Browsing the application catalogue, viewing and contributing user reviews, managing application subscriptions, administering terminal user accounts, and engaging with user support are all easy to accomplish. The terminal has also an exchange integration for cryptocurrencies, so the ComplianceGuard utilize technology to display information on the vast majority of approximately 1,400 cryptocurrencies, all in a compliance-vetted environment.

The Blockchain Terminal includes an App Ecosystem, where applications are built on a compliance framework and meet stringent standards for completeness, ease-of- use, secure operation, and user support. It includes an API for extern developers.

The pilot installation of the ComplianceGuard technology is installed at 20 hedge funds. Traction rates are high and therefore Blockchain Terminal will launch in Q1 2018. So the terminal is already working and it is tested by different hedge funds, that’s why I rate with a 5.

Would advise the team to get their KYC in order if they want to gain the trust of the community. The vision is nothing spectacular as it is not a revolutionary product, however I think the fact that they are first to market in this industry will be a huge benefit for the company

Weakest point is the requirement for the token itself, but team is good, connections are good so I think it is likely to get adoption.

This document is compiled from different sources for information purposes only. We wanted it to be concise, providing you
all necessary information, making it easier for you to take your decision. Nothing here is a financial Advise.


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