Who we are

BEL 3.0 was established by a diverse range of individuals and businesses united by the greater vision that Blockchain and peer-to-peer (digital) technologies can profoundly solve real-world problems and contributes to the improvement of our society as a whole.

Blockchain Entrepreneurial Lounge

Founded in 2017, BEL 3.0 aims to bring blockchain revolution by educating individuals and businesses with this transformative technology. Our vision is to build a community where all entrepreneurs, developers, professionals, and start-ups can join hands and build a mutually beneficial relationship. We are a one-stop shop to fulfill all your blockchain adoption needs.

BEL 3.0 promotes the use and development of peer-to-peer and Blockchain technologies in Pakistan in particular through education, lobbying and public engagement. Through BEL 3.0 we also aim to encompass all relevant future developments and innovations such as alternative currency and complementary technologies based upon the novel concept of the Blockchain.

Moreover, BEL 3.0 also provides a united public voice in Pakistan for Blockchain and other related communities; engages with government and regulators to build a world-class regulatory environment for the creation of jobs and growth in this emerging field; promotes development and dissemination of best-practices by Blockchain and related businesses and actively works to counter illegitimate uses of these technologies.

We are calling on all blockchain believers, enthusiasts investors, professionals and companies to join our Pakistan Blockchain Business Council and collectively work together in a constructive way to further the stated objectives.

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