Types of Blockchain

Based on the way blockchain has evolved over the last few years, it can be divided into multiple types with distinct but sometimes partly overlapping attributes.

Public blockchains

As the name suggests, these blockchains are open to the public and anyone can participate as a node in the decision-making process. Users may or may not be rewarded for their participation. These ledgers are not owned by anyone and are publicly open for anyone to participate in. All users of the permission-less ledger maintain a copy of the ledger on their local nodes and use a distributed consensus mechanism in order to reach a decision about the eventual state of the ledger. These blockchains are also known as permission-less ledgers.

Private blockchains

Private blockchains as the name implies are private and are open only to a consortium or group of individuals or organizations that has decided to share the ledger among themselves.

Semi-private blockchains

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