Mission Statement

Blockchain Entrepreneurial Lounge aims to orchestrate the adoption of an entirely decentralized ecosystem with the help of distributed ledger technology. Our greater vision is to implement blockchain innovations across industry sectors to solve real-world problems that contributes to the improvement of our society as a whole.

Cultivating a culture for the blockchain

Actionable knowledge

As blockchain aims to initiate entry into a multitude of industries over the span of the following years, we intend to educate individuals and businesses regarding this innovative technology so they can fully comprehend its true ramifications.

Driving innovation

The translation and manifestation of constructive ideas into practical functioning is our foremost concern, which is why we feel it imperative to conduct our operations as an all-inclusive entrepreneurial centre.

Building a community

While it is our elementary goal to expedite blockchain usage into feasible businesses, we also intend to institute a cardinal regulatory environment to ensure blockchain’s continuity and sustenance.

Activities at BEL 3.0

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Upcoming Events at BEL

Coming Soon Islamabad

Pakistan Blockchain Conference

We want to educate individuals and businesses about the blockchain technology and how it can help them transform their businesses. This event will consist of sessions being delivered by some of the best influencers and adopters in this industry.

Why attend this conference?

  • First Blockchain Event in Pakistan
  • Quality Content on Blockchain
  • Cutting Edge Case Studies
  • Awesome Speakers
  • Networking With Qualified Attendees
  • Fintech Exposure

News and Articles

Stay up to date on what's happening in blockchain.


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